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Feminists on tumblr gay men

A gay friend online recently gave me this:. And use it. Back when there was an actual social and political cost to being gay-friendly let alone gay I almost certainly would have been beat up badly had I shown someone that card. That was back when it was socially acceptable to beat the fuck out of a gay man just for being gay. Or suspected gay.
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Gays Against Feminism: Because gay people are not your property, feminists

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Note: This article is also available in Spanish. I think there is. A while ago I found out about the Redstockings, a radical feminist group founded in the late sixties. So maybe all their good was really no good at all. And they were not some fringe group and they were not the only feminists of their period to use gay-bashing rhetoric and weave man-hating and gay-bashing principles into their work.
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Feminist Gay-Bashing

Would you say feminists are usually gay or straight? If some feminists are straight, then how come so many are men haters? I don't think the midget feminist trolls have genders.
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